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Let Us Guide You Through The Probate Process In Hidalgo County

Texas families who must go through the probate process are fortunate because our state takes a streamlined approach to probate. There is much less judicial oversight of probated estates in Texas, comparatively speaking, but with that freedom comes the responsibility to complete the steps in the process correctly.

If you have been tasked with administering an estate in McAllen or elsewhere in Hidalgo County, our firm, the Law Offices of Aurelio Leo Lara, can ensure you complete the probate process properly. We work with estates of all sizes and with varying levels of complexity.

Texas Probate Case Types

There are several main types of probate in Texas. Depending on the composition of the estate, your loved one's estate may qualify for:

  • An independent administration of estate, which allows the executor to act without seeking court permission at many junctures in the probate process such as paying debts, selling assets and distributing assets to heirs.
  • A dependent administration of estate, which requires closer supervision of the executor by the probate court.
  • A muniment of title, which allows for relatively quick and inexpensive transfer of assets to beneficiaries if a valid will exists.
  • A small estate affidavit, which allows those inheriting property from an estate worth less than $50,000 to collect their property, even without a will in place for the deceased.

We Can Help You With Each Step In The Probate Process

An attorney from our firm can help you complete all the necessary steps in the probate process that apply to your loved one's estate.

We will work with you to:

  • Submit an application to the court to have the will probated
  • Provide a copy of the will to the court
  • Notify creditors of the time period during which they may bring claims against the estate
  • Conduct an inventory of the assets of the estate
  • Oversee distribution of assets and property

Come To Us With All Your Probate Matters

Whether you need help with a will contest, to accomplish your duties as an estate executor or to settle other legal family matters, a lawyer from our firm will ensure that your case will be handled promptly and professionally.

Call us at 956-928-3837, or contact us through our online form.


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